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ЗАО Jia-In Industry Co. Ltd

Компания ЗАО Jia-In Industry Co. Ltd
Jia-In Industry Co. Ltd, ЗАО
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Коротко о компании Jia-In Industry Co. Ltd
ЗАО Jia-In Industry Co. Ltd
Jia-In Industry Co. Ltd. has dedicated to supply the most innovative packaging system since 1973. With extensive manufacturing experience of packaging machinery and material over 38 years, Jia-In Industry Co. Ltd. has built a solid reputation to our customers over 60 countries. To meet the demand of manufacture facilities in China since 1990s, Joinpack also set up PP, PET extruder and machinery facility in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Qingdao with more than 24 local sales offices covering major industry areas in China.

Trade-mark Joinpack emphasizes us as a packaging manufacturer to join reliable quality of our packaging machines with competitive prices for achieving our customers’ satisfaction in packaging business. From the simplest corresponding strapping materials to the most demanding system solutions, our integral approach covers all you packaging requirements.

As the market leader of packaging industry, Joinpack is continuously giving our full commitment to provide our customers the best packing machines. We develop keys products mainly in end of line packaging machines, from in-line packaging system, individual strapping machine, wrapping stretch machine, carton sealing machine, hand tools, to packaging materials. Comprehensive range of product provides efficient one-stop service to fulfill our customers’ need.

Joinpack is very first factory in Taiwan to implement ISO system certified by RWTUV. Today we are operated under ISO9001:2008 system. Our packaging products are under CE directive and RoHS directive which ensures the safety standard and environment friendly for all users. Persistent development of packaging solutions and optimum quality brings you high level of reliability in maximizing your packaging experience.