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OOO Silvery Dragon

Компания OOO Silvery Dragon
Silvery Dragon, OOO
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Коротко о компании Silvery Dragon
OOO Silvery Dragon
Silvery Dragon, a private enterprise, majors in the research and production of Prestressing Concrete steel products for 30 years.

Silvery Dragon was founded by Xie family members led by XieTieqiao in 1978. The company majors in the research and production of PC steel drawing dies and PC products. It is the model of the Chinese private citizens, and also the successful example of Opening up policy by Chinese government in 1978. As a PC products producer,Silvery Dragon’s product covers all types; she owns the biggest output in the world.

Up to 2008, SD is capable of offering all kinds of PC steel products to the customers in the whole world, including single PC wire, 2-wire,3 wire&7 wire strand, PC bar and PE strand. We can meet any requirements of standards and specifications from customers, and develop all kinds of non-standard PC steel products for customers. According to the output and sales volume in 2008, Silvery Dragon has already been the biggest producer for PC steel products in the whole world with the annual output of 400,000 tons. In 2008, the sales volume will reach 260,000 metric tons; the total volume of business is almost 1.6 billion RMB. Silvery Dragon is one who export PC products earliest and keeps the biggest quantity of exports and owns the largest numbers of certificates.

In 1996, Silvery Dragon exported spiral rib PC wire to Bangladesh. In 2001, she exported PC bar to Vietnam; in 2003, she exported PC strand to the USA; in 2004, she exported PE strand to Panama. Since 2000, SD keeps the top position for the volume of export. In 2008, SD exports 115,000 metric tons products to 63 countries in the whole world with the volume of business 0.126 billion US dollars. SD has obtained 9 certificates from China, German, UK, Spain, Sweden, Norway, South Korea etc., while another 5 certificates are in the process. Silvery Dragon is the inventor of spiral drawing die, spiral drawing technique, spiral rib PC wire and spiral rib PC strand.

In 1991, SD invented spiral drawing die and spiral drawing technique; in 1995, spiral rib PC wire was successfully invented; in 2004, SD succeeded in the production of three wire and seven wire spiral rib wire PC strand. Spiral technique is the typical of the products researched by Silvery Dragon. Since 1997 this kind of product fully took place of Indented PC wire, applying in telegraph pole, hollow floor, railway sleeper etc. pre-stressing concrete components, which contributes greatly to six times railway highly speeding up and high-speed railway construction and gives an impetus to escalation and progress of world PC steel products. Silvery Dragon focuses on the research and innovation and drafting the industry standards.

SD concentrates on the research and the formulation of standards for PC steel products, facilities and drawing die, while also focuses on the research and the formulation of standard on wire rod and concrete products. Silvery Dragon is striving to become a better and more competitive company.

Nowadays Silvery Dragon is very energetic, shouldering the honorary responsibility of “On behalf of China, Heading for the World” and advancing for the prospect of “Deeply respected, Industrial Leader”. While we are absorbed in the research, quality, quantity and market of the products, we also pay attention to the management and culture, giving an impetus to the development of Silvery Dragon in the next 30 years. While we keep our minds on PC steel products, we also extend to our related industry, offering more rich and valuable products and service to customers.

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