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ЗАО Newfoton Group Limited

Компания ЗАО Newfoton Group Limited
Newfoton Group Limited, ЗАО
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Коротко о компании Newfoton Group Limited
ЗАО Newfoton Group Limited
Newfoton Group Limited is located in Anshan, which is known as "the capital of iron & steel", and adjacents to Shengyang-Dalian  highway, Changchun  railway,  Dalian port, Yingkou port, Bayuquan port, which can help us connect with home and abroad, additionally, it is alongside the well known An Steel Company Ltd., the famous Buddha Court and Qianshan Scenic Area, where have a beautiful environment and convenient transportation.

Newfoton Group Limited was estabished in 1996, and we mainly engaged in mining and designing spare parts of industrial products. We are the industry leader in production process and technological level. Our products  mainly contain large casting&forging pieces, transmission products, which are used in mining, metallurgy, engineering machinery, marine spare parts, the nuclear power industry, chemical industry, clean enegry, etc. Our company has steelmaking arc furnaces of 75 tons and 20 tons, 40t refining furance, annealing furance, heat treatment furance, hydraulic press of 8000 tons and 2500 tons, gear shaping machine, gear hobbing machine, vertical lathe of 16m and 8m, and some excellent equipment like these. The biggest casting piece can produce 140 tons singly, and the biggest forging piece can produce 80 tons singly. We supply big gears, large-scale speed reducers, steel slag pot and large-scale bearing housing to our customers at home and abroad for a long term.

At present, our products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions all over the world, and our products quality and service are highly praised by our domestic and foreign customers. Our advanced technological level has far more surpassed other domestic counterparts, especially in designing and manufacturing large specification and high hardness gears, and we are now among the world's top gear manufacturing ranks.

Newfoton Group Limited always adheres to the thought of reform and development, and is constantly developing new products which have high-tech contents, high added value and prospect markets. We also have invested a large amount of research funds and cooperated with not only famous research institutions at home and abroad, but also the universities and colleges. Thus, we can keep upgrading our traditional industries, and lay a solid foundation to speed up the development of high and new technology industry. Newfoton will be always adhering to our business philosophy — "customer first, quality first, thorough service, create brilliance hand in hand", and provide the best service for our new and old customers.